LASA’s 2022 cost-share

The LASA cost-share program is designed to be inclusive to help every member meet his/her soil and water conservation goals. The practices we are including this year have been shown to provide a suite of benefits, including but not limited to, reducing soil erosion by wind and water, limiting nutrient losses via leaching, runoff or other loss pathways, and improving soil health.

To participate, each applicant should indicate which program(s) they would like to enroll in and the number of acres/samples they are enrolling. Receipts are required for some programs.

LASA’s cost share program is intended to be a learning opportunity for members, so we ask that members be willing to share lessons learned from trying a new practice with the group. The practices that are offered to cost-share include cover crops, 4R nutrient stewardship, no-tillage, and reduced/limited strip till. A new offering for 2022 will be planting green.

Final cost-share payments are dependent on available funds and will be distributed at the end of the year. If you are not yet a LASA member, please fill out the membership form (available at and pay the $250 membership dues.