The LASA cost-share program is designed to be inclusive to help every member meet his/her soil and water conservation goals. To participate, each applicant should indicate which program(s) they would like to enroll in and the number of acres/samples they are enrolling.

LASA’s cost share program is intended to be a learning opportunity for members, so we ask that members be willing to share lessons learned from trying a new practice with the group. The practices offered for cost-share include cover crops, 4R nutrient stewardship, no-till, reduced/limited/strip till and planting green.

Final cost-share payments are dependent on available funds and will be distributed at the end of the year. If you are not yet a LASA member, please fill out the membership form and pay membership dues.

2023 Cost-share offerings

LASA is proud to offer farmers in Lafayette County an incentive program to help minimize the risk associated with trying new things on their farm:

  • Farmers must be a LASA member to participate
    1. Cover Crops – {$20/acre, 50-acre max}
    2. 4-R Nutrient Stewardship – {$20/acre, 50-acre max, $200 max for manure and tissue sampling}
    3. No-till/Reduced Tillage – {$20/acre, 50-acre max}
    4. Planting Green – {$20/acre, 50-acre max}
  • All type and size farms are encouraged to enroll

Enroll no later than Nov. 15 – >> Click here to Download the form